Monday, March 17, 2008

The dead of Microsoft

In the recent years (starting 2006) MS fight back the piracy, people who are NOT buy the original one will not supported via internet (except with hacking tools). In the developing countries, where people buy the software from any sources with cheaper price will have problem sooner or later. People need internet update due to the weakness of MS window from attack of malware, virus etc.

The price of original software almost the same as one month salary make them impossible to buy the original version. So currently they dependen on the hacker skills of the seller of the software to crack the MS Windows. The situation for this group of people are getting worse due to software sweeping from police to their business, while the home user are depend on the battle between the hacker and MS.

Most company that clever enough will upgrade to linux, which are now have most the MS windows capability in daily office jobs. They only need one or two computer running windows to able to connect to the government or business partner that still only running windows. Sooner or later most small-middle company will run linux for cost saving and efficiency. Linux can utilize the old hardware while MS always think that hardware price is always going down, this is true but still costly to change your old computer with new one, if you think no so much features of cost saving. Big company that use linux is Google. So if you think only stupid run linux, think again about Google, does Google stupid ?

People who use non original windows will have complicated procedure to get update, which make using linux looks like easier. Miscosoft by doing original protection will trigger people to use linux, why people have to keep their MS for more difficulty ? Use linux today is almost easy as Windows, just a bit complicated in installing new software. If majority of people start using linux then how about major company in future ? They have to pay training fees to train their people to understand MS windows, will this trend continue ? While big software company also have their division for linux, which mean the company which use linux will have the support also ?

The the alarm to dead of Miscrosoft has been started.