Friday, January 1, 2010


What actually happened in 2012 ?

I will says, nobody have 100% accurate answer. I believe the human kinds is still exist. The technology can make the human survive, even may be not many of them. According the prophecy, the human kinds still have more years to live in this planet.
The question is what kind of living will be after that ?
Does human still able to life happily ?
Making some high tech shelter is not enough, human must also prepare the human who will survive. The survivor must be equipped with many things such as good character, knowledge and skills. Unfortunately this type of people may not be the lucky one that can enter the high tech shelter. Preparation is very important to face the disaster condition in future.
Logically when the sea water rise will also trigger the earthquake because the balance of the force in the continent is changed. This force can trigger the massive earthquake sooner or latter but it will happened.
Are you ready?