Saturday, July 28, 2012


It is the time to activate the sailboat to reduce the dependencies to fossil energy. Unfortunately no one until I wrote this implemented this strategy. To move the ship is need very high of energy, more ship that using fossil fuel consume very big or a lot of fuel. With sail, the wind are move the ship, the ship only need to power the arrangement of the sail. 
With the same principle, a heat pump water heater are created, to save energy. Go Green with sailboat !

Friday, July 13, 2012

New way to introduce the product of water heater, I launch 2 sides about heat pump water heater
first more science and one more in daily language:
Heat pump water heater (science)
Heat pump water heater (household)
and also the company that sold the product:
Midea heat pump water heater
Midea pemanas air tenaga udara / heat pump
and also the company websites
Techindo Daya Energi
and put the company on the google map location too.
wish all keyword are correct and go up in all search engine.

Monday, June 4, 2012

News update of my website

Long time not make this blog, I have make some new websites;
Energy Saving Management
Unique Property
Free HHO E-Book
Pool Equipment
Pool Pumps and Filters
and long time site that still alive;
Freedom To heaven
Jakarta Jabotabek Apartment Property
Some Ideas Generator
and some redirected links;
Peralatan Kolam Renang
Pompa dan Filter Kolam Renang
Inteligent Meter
not count the subdomain,
keep update